Do you ever feel that your sales or service department needs a better system for finding vehicles in your parking lot? If so, check out our full line of Key Tags and Dispatch Numbers.

Looking for something that will specifically help the service department?

Look no further than our Service Dispatch Number. They hang nicely below the mirror so you can see them clearly as you walk your lot.

The best and original self-protecting Key Tag option is the Versa-Tag. It’s made by ONE simple fold! “Chrome”-plated steel rings stay bright. Write on with any pen, pencil or marker. Choose from 9 colors. Color-code by new and used, by franchise, by “month in” and more.

The best Key Tag System on the market today is the Consecu-Tags® system. This patented product combines consecutive numbering with the durability of genuine Versa-Tags key tags! This system has (2) self-protecting key tags with “chrome” plated steel rings that match one clear plastic-backed window stock sticker. This combination makes for the best new key system to date!

Now that the vehicle is under your roof, how will you maintain all the paperwork that relates to that vehicle and an organized and professional manner? Check out our Deal Jackets (or job folders) which are folders that are sealed closed on three sides. Maintain customer information, vehicle information and status on the front of each folder. Any paperwork that relates to a vehicle that you are working on can be placed inside this folder (i.e. Receipts, packing slips, original estimate etc). Standard formats are available or you can customize your own. Deal Jackets are primarily used by the sales department and the body shop and are available in different colors to make organizing your shop a breeze.