About Us

Interested in improving customer satisfaction, efficiency, visibility, return on investment? Our mission is to help you achieve these goals and more. If you’re anything like me time seems to slip away far too easily!

AutoshopSpecialties.com offers and array of customizable products for the Automotive Dealer & Repair Shop industry. We want to get these supplies to your door in a timely matter and at a competitive price.

But we don’t want to stop there. We want this site to serve you as a resource to connect with other professionals to problem solve, brainstorm, and grow. Over time our goal is to build this website into a resource for you to improve not only your bottom line, but maybe your sanity. Our Blog will be a great area to jump into the conversation and stretch your business, share your ideas, as well as collect feedback from other professionals from all over.. We want for you to tell us what’s working for you in your business and ask other members what you need help with. Articles for review and consideration will be posted regularly on hot topics in Automotive & Truck Service Industry.

AutoshopSpecialties.com is an extension of Automotive Information Service, Inc. or AIS Inc. We have been serving Dealerships and Independent Repair & Body Shops since 1990. For our first 20 years we primarily focused on Auto & Truck Repair Information but in 2010 we added printing products including various forms, work orders, and Oil Change Stickers. We have grown to include access to multitude of shop friendly and customized products. We are growing every day, so if you don’t see something you need give us a call or email.

My wife (Lisa) and I were born and raised in Maryland and have lived here most of our lives. We have been married for 23 years and are the proud parents of our son Charlie who attends University. We are active in a Church, enjoy traveling, sailing (really just me) and time with family. Lisa and I have been entrepreneurs for ages and are very excited about the new addition of AutoshopSpecialties.com We both work the business, and after all these years have successfully managed a happy marriage and a growing business.

Becky is our wonderful office administrator. She’s been in our life for a long time and we are blessed to have her join the team. We’ve know her for years, having met her in Church, seeing her get married and most recently becoming a mom! She flies under the radar but helps the wheels of this endeavor moving!

We love meeting new people in person and virtually and hope that you’ll tell us your story! We’d love to hear about your business! How did you get into the business? How long have you been there? What’s working for you? What are you challenged by? We hope this becomes as much of a forum as it is a resource for growing your business.

In order to facilitate these questions, we have a quick 5 question Survey.

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