Personalized Oil Change Stickers are an excellent way to promote repeat business. It keeps your name in constant view of your customer. As opposed to Generic stickers which will only promote your Oil or Filter Company – Not your business. If your customer gets a call from a friend or acquaintance looking for a mechanic they can look up at their windshield and give them your number. It’s like having a mini billboard in their car – for cents on the dollar. One great idea that a lot of shops are doing is adding their Towing Company contact information to their sticker.

Oil change stickers are available on rolls or individually cut. There are two types of adhesive available. Static Cling or a Light tack Adhesive. Light adhesive is growing in popularity. They stick better to the glass and come off with no residue left over.

Another growing trend is the use of an Oil Change Sticker Machine. You have the ability to use static cling or light tack adhesive stickers. The first step is to custom design a sticker that will be used in the machine with your logo & company information. Then you load a roll of stickers in the machine and you’re ready to print the date and mileage that the customer will next need service with these oil change stickers.