Are you looking for a way to increase sales at your Auto Repair Shop? Consider using a Multipoint Inspection Form also known as Vehicle Inspection forms or checklists. Automotive Dealerships have been using Multipoint Inspection forms successfully for years. They are an easy and effective “Soft Sell” on items customers should consider taking care of. Even better, you build the trust of your customer by letting them know what they don’t need as well.

What’s the process for using them? As the mechanic works through the repair or work order ticket, they review the items on the Multipoint Inspection Form. Each form has a minimum of 2 copies, one for the customer’s records and the other for your files and future reference. There are 3 different color values for each line item on the form. RED indicates that immediate action should be taken. YELLOW suggests that the customer should be aware of the condition, and will likely need to address this in the future visit. GREEN indicates good condition, no action needed.

How do I use auto inspection checklists / forms with my customers? Service Managers have suggested having their service writers hand a copy to their customers and give them a few minutes to review it saying something like “Take some time to look this over. It’s a snapshot of the condition of your vehicle according to the mechanics review. We’ll review any questions you may have shortly.”

Why do checklists work? Studies show that 65% of our population learns visually and yet most of our communication is verbal. Delivering a visual form or checklist that educates your customers on their cars condition and/or needs, will readily improve communication and rapport with each of your clients. The “vehicle inspection form” is a checklist tool that helps them understand what they need ultimately allowing them to sell themselves on needed services, hence the “soft sell.”