Now that the vehicle is under your roof, how will you maintain all the paperwork that relates to that vehicle and be organized and professional manner? Check out our Deal Jackets.

Deal Jackets (or job folders)are folders that are sealed closed on three sides. Maintain customer information, vehicle information and status on the front of each folder. Any paperwork that relates to a vehicle that you are working on can be placed inside this folder (i.e. Receipts, packing slips, original estimate etc). Standard formats are available or you can customize your own. Deal Jackets are primarily used by the sales department and the body shop and are available in different colors to make organizing your shop a breeze.

Damaged vehicles often arrive vulnerable to the elements as they sit in your lot waiting to be worked on. You will earn the trust and respect of your customers by protecting their vehicle with adhesive film wrap or plastic car covers and tires with “tire maskers”. Self-adhering auto body film wrap covers and protects damaged vehicles and door sills. It’s great for protecting vehicle interiors from rain, wind, sun, snow and dirt.